About Us


Fine fast casual food and catering 
Fresh, wholesome and affordable

4 TasteBuds is a fine, fast-casual catering company based in sunny Southern California where you will find real,
fresh and delicious food.

We offer a chef inspired menu that is eclectic and from a variety of
regions. Each item is selected to appeal to a variety of tastes and cravings. Our goal is to
provide a clean and comfortable restaurant style environment in your home, office or venue with a true spirit of hospitality and
service combined with the cost and convenience of fast food.
We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients possible. Then we take hours to prepare
our food so we can serve it to you within minutes. We believe you can taste the care we put
into our food and understand, ourselves, the connection between how food is made and how it
tastes. Which is why we make everything fresh and homemade in for your event. Fresh
meals made from whole foods and real ingredients taste better.
The food we serve is inspired by diverse cultural and homemade tastes. The intent of our menu
is to make it easy for customers to know what they are eating and to make the whole party planning experience fun and easy for you.

We want the fun experience of eating to be found in the simple but skillful preparation and use of authentic flavors with creative
combinations of spices, sauces and versatile staples made fresh for you to enjoy.
Our menu and service is designed to both use natural, locally sourced food with minimal or no
processing and to minimize waste of natural and human resources. We're huge fans of
wholesome, simple, fresh food without artificial anything.

We are proud to be a part of our community and plan on extending our hospitality beyond the
walls of our kitchen and help to build the community around us.